We will help your company to purchase more economical electricity.

In 2021, our customers paid an average of 34,49 €/MWh for their electricity. 

Our services

Our four service packages are based on electricity consumption.
Check out our services and select a service package that suits your needs!

EnergiaGuru® S

50 000 – 1 000 000 kWh

EnergiaGuru® M

1 000 – 5 000 MWh

EnergiaGuru® L

Over 5 000 MWh

EnergiaGuru® J

Public sector

Pölkky Oy reduces electricity costs with EnergiaGuru® – watch the video!

Pölkky Oy is the biggest private wood processor in Northern Finland, and a major electricity consumer.

In this video, Pölkky’s Plant Service Manager, Arto Hannola, explains how EnergiaGuru®’s service has helped Pölkky to save both time and money in electricity procurement.

Savings without investment

On average, our service has enabled our customers to achieve annual savings of 20–30% in electricity costs. We buy electricity together with our customers in the same way as power companies buy it for themselves.

If the customer’s electricity costs are not reduced, we charge nothing for our service.

What is EnergiaGuru®?

EnegiaGuru® is a service that helps businesses to save on electricity costs. We help companies of all sizes to buy cheaper electricity.

EnergiaGuru®’s operations are based on knowledge of extensive market data, and solid professionalism. We support our decisions with the EnergiaGuru® software, enabling us to analyse the market better than ever before.

Our customers

EnergiaGuru® is already widely used by companies and organisations, which are delighted with the solution – even beyond their expectations.

EnergiaGuru®, which provides a full cross-section of the electricity market, has been warmly welcomed by organisations of all sizes!