EnergiaGuru® J

This service package is for public-sector buyers of electricity seeking to minimise their procurement costs. The service enables you to leave electricity purchasing to EnergiaGuru® and focus on running your core business. We’ll make sure that your electricity is always bought at the best price.

The public-sector service package includes

Drawing up of tender request material
Organising the tendering process
Publication of HILMA notice and drafting of minutes
Comparison of contracts
Completion of contract award notices
Tendering of electricity prices and margin

Our service could reduce your company’s annual electricity expenses by up to 20%. In 2021, our customers paid an average of €34.49/MWh for their electricity. All of this is possible thanks to our professionalism and the EnergiaGuru® software, which sources extensive market data.

The public-sector service package includes


During an audit, Finlands Energycounseling Plc will assess your company’s current electricity purchasing and your savings potential in euro terms. You will receive a set of tailored development measures which will form the basis of an action plan. Achieving these savings will require no investments by your company. Only the purchase model and contracts are adjusted, to better meet your needs.

Savings identified during the audit tend to range between tens of thousands and several million euro. The average saving per MWh is €4–8.

After the audit:

After the audit, we will correct any deviations identified and report regularly to you.

Continuous tendering and maintenance of electricity contracts

Our professional team keeps a close eye on the electricity market, selecting just the right solutions for you, at the most affordable prices.

Termination of electricity contract and negotiation of a new one

Our professionals will ensure that your electricity contract remains valid for as long as it enables efficient electricity acquisition. In addition to handling the validity period, we will ensure that your contract terms are up to date, free of conditions that might restrict your electricity purchases.

Monitoring of the retail electricity market

We will monitor the retail electricity market, providing your company with transparent information about the actual prices.

Our star rating makes it easy to compare prices, helping you to keep track of the price your company is paying for electricity. The rating is based on data covering the electricity purchase prices of almost 1,000 companies.

Versatile purchasing strategy

Our customers have a range of stock exchange products at their disposal. This enables an effective electricity procurement strategy.
An electricity procurement strategy also involves risk management in a continuously changing market situation.

Electricity sale price categories

29,08 €/MWh
35,52 €/MWh
41,36 €/MWh
47,21 €/MWh
57,27 €/MWh

The average price paid by EnergiaGuru®’s customers in 2021 was about €34.49/MWh.


For which companies is the service designed?

Public-sector companies obliged to comply with the Act on Public Procurement and Concession Contracts.

How much does the service cost?

The consumption-based cost of auditing is €5,000–15,000 (VAT 0%). This cost will be refunded in full during the contract period. In addition to the audit, you only pay us if you make electricity price savings through our services. We will charge you for 40% of your electricity savings during the first three years, and 20% after that.

How long is the contract valid?

The contract period is 3 years, after which it will remain valid until further notice.


Aleksanteri Marttila - 050 4687 277 - aleksanteri.marttila@senoyj.fi
Soile Niskala - 050 543 1070 - soile.niskala@senoyj.fi