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Continuously tendered contract

This is a service package for companies with an annual electricity consumption of 50,000–1,000,000 kWh. The service enables you to leave electricity purchasing to EnergiaGuru® and focus on running your core business. We’ll make sure that your electricity is always bought at the best price.

EnergiaGuru®’s customer base enables even smaller companies to buy their electricity at wholesale market prices. We provide access to purchasing models that are usually only available to the biggest players.

Our service will cut your annual electricity expenses by up to 30%. In 2021, our customers are paying an average of 34,49 €/MWh for their electricity. All of this is possible thanks to our professionalism and the EnergiaGuru® software, which sources extensive market data.

Our service includes:

Continuous tendering and maintenance of electricity contracts

Our professional team keeps a close eye on the electricity market, selecting just the right solutions for you, at the most affordable prices.

Termination of your existing electricity contract, and signing a new one

We will terminate your existing electricity contract and start with a clean slate. We will handle tendering between electricity companies on your behalf and secure the best price for your company’s electricity consumption.

Monitoring of the retail electricity market

We will monitor the retail electricity market, providing your company with transparent information about the actual prices. Our star rating makes it easy to compare prices, helping you to keep track of the price your company is paying for electricity. The rating is based on data covering the electricity purchase prices of almost 1,000 companies.

Purchase strategy based on artificial intelligence

The software monitors the electricity market 24/7/365, providing alerts whenever electricity prices reach the level set by analysts.
Our customers don’t have to do anything – our analysts and software will ensure that electricity is bought safely and affordably every time.

Electricity sale price categories 2018

Energy prices vary from one company to the next by as much as 50%, with the typical price being 20–60 €/MWh.
Into which star category does your company’s electricity price fall?

29,08 €/MWh
35,52 €/MWh
41,36 €/MWh
47,21 €/MWh
57,27 €/MWh

The average price paid by EnergiaGuru®’s customers in 2021 is 34,49 €/MWh.


For which companies is the service designed?

Companies with annual electricity consumption of 50,000–1,000,000 kWh.

How much does the service cost?

There is no subscription fee for the service.
You will only pay if EnergiaGuru® creates savings for your company. We will charge you for 50% of the savings you make.

How long is the contract valid?

The contract period is 5 years.


Soile Niskala - 050 543 1070 - soile.niskala@senoyj.fi
Aleksanteri Marttila - 050 4687 277 - aleksanteri.marttila@senoyj.fi